Known issues

Here are the issues mentioned that were encountered during testing.
Please read carefully to avoid disappointment.

Be careful with converting too large images for email use

The Pixlcodr image-blocker can deliver html-code even for larger images (up to a width of 600px) for your mail-template. But a large image delivers more code than a smaller one. Keep this in mind, when using the pixlcodr-convertor. In other words: it is more useful to display small coded 'images'.

Outlook 2013 column amount restriction

Outlook 2013 truncates Pixlcodr-ed tables on the horizontal-axis because there is a limitation to the number of columns that Outlook 2013 can handle. This issue is caused by the renderengine in email for Outlook: Word (believe it or not!) . The maximum number of columns on the horizontal-axis is 62. The issue is not solvable.

Outlook 2013 does not respect height in empty table cells

In Outlook 2013 empty table cells (or cells containing a & nbsp;) now have a minimum height of roughly 15px, regardless of what you've set a cell's height attribute to be.

To fix this bug, add conditional comments to your email-template like this:

<!--[if gte mso 15]>
    /* Outlook 2013 Height Fix */
    body table { font-size: 0; line-height: 0; }
    table tr { font-size:1px; mso-line-height-alt:0; mso-margin-top-alt:1px; mso-height-source:0;}
    table td { font-size: 0px; line-height: 0;width:1px; mso-width-source:1px;}

See also:

What is the Gmail-message-length restriction?

The restriction of Gmail is that your mail-message may not be larger than 100 kB. If the message is longer, it still will be sent, but the mail-message is cut off and the end-user will have to click a link to see the whole message. Keep this in mind with the converted image you want to sent.

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