Say farewell to image blocking

and increase the click-throughs in your email...!

with no images
  • When images are being blocked.
    No branding and empty squares.
with preview images
  • With the use of html-coded (preview) images;
    With branding: Logo quality is 100%;
    Preview image quality is reduced to 25%
with downloaded images
  • With images downloaded.
    The original design in all it's glory
More than 60% block images

Image Blocking Sucks

More than 60% of your email recipients are blocking images in the HTML-formatted messages they are receiving. That means that they might miss the primary call-to-action. Our image blocking killer let's you optimize your email messages to increase the click-throughs of your email campaigns.

9 great features

Killer-App with 8 Great Features

We have created an engine that converts images to html-code. This html-code is readable by all popular email clients. If you add this generated code to your email-template, all your email recipients see the converted images at once. This is ideal for small required images like logo's.

Feature #1


Our image blocking killer tool is compatible with all popular emailclients:

  • iOS Devices
  • Apple Mail
  • Android
  • AOL Mail
  • Outlook
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Windows Live
  • Gmail
  • Thunderbird
Feature #2
Adjustible image quality

Adjustible image quality

Reduction of the image quality, reduces the file-size. This is important for the whole email size. In this way you can turn your images into a preview-state and optimize your email message. This method assures the most click-throughs.

Feature #3


The generated code is stored in your account on the pixlcodr-server, so you can reuse it. As long as you keep your account available, the code will be save in the cloud. (* depending on your account)

Feature #4
Image Download Compatible

Image Download Compatible

The output of our engine ensures that the visibility of the images is optimized, even before and after your images are downloaded. After downloading the blocked images, the recipients will see the email message in all it's glory. This will increase the click-throughs of your email.

Feature #5


With our API it is easy to integrate the image blocking killer in your email templates. Copy-paste the generated code of the api-wizard to optimize your email messages.

Feature #6


All your converted images can still be clickable. Just add an URL within the app to the converted image; the URL is stored within the generated code.

Feature #7

Adjustible image location

The original uploaded image is by default stored in your account on the Pixlcodr-server. It is also possible to add a URL to a custom location.

Feature #8

Last but not least: Lowest in Pricing!

Starting from $ 1.25 once up to $ 4.99 per month, it is a very price worthy application. Choose between our subscriptions or get convinced by the demo page.


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